A Fail-Safe Moving Shopping List for Moving

Moving can be stressful, but there are actions you can take to ease the burden. WestPac International, Hawaii, is the area’s most reliable moving and storage company, and they’re here to help ease the burden even more. The company recognizes that moving is never easy, so they’ve compiled a helpful shopping list of items that may help make your move go a little more smoothly.

Here are some of the moving supplies the company suggests you purchase before starting your big move:

Packing Supplies: No move is complete without an assortment of moving supplies. Make sure you have enough boxes of different sizes, plus packing material and tape. You’ll also need markers and labels to title each box with its contents — all essential for any moving and storage project.

Pet Supplies: If you have a pet in your life, you know it has some unique needs. Keep your pet safe in an animal carrier, and be sure to have plenty of food on hand. Other pet necessities include toys to keep them distracted, a food and water dish, and an identification card. Make sure pet security items like a collar and leash are also close at hand.

Household Supplies: Having the right household items on hand will make your move so much easier. As you pack each room, arm yourself with a trash bag (or two) and dispose of items you just don’t need anymore. Make sure you have spacious storage containers or boxes nearby so that you can keep the contents of each room neatly organized. The goal is to clear out each room methodically and efficiently — there’s a place for everything, whether it’s a donation pile, a trash pile, or a “keep” pile.

New Home Supplies: There’s nothing like arriving at your new destination only to realize you don’t have anything you need, and you aren’t exactly sure how to begin tackling those unpacked boxes. Pack a few boxes of “unpack first” essentials, including things like dishes, toiletries, and laundry items. These are the household basics you’ll probably need before anything else, and having them ready to unpack will make life easier as you settle in.

WestPac International offers a host of moving services that make your life simpler. Count on the moving and storage team to help no matter what you need — be it temporary storage, moving supplies, or general moving advice. For more information from one of Honolulu’s top residential moving companies, visit their website or call (808) 845-9711 today. You can also find the pros on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

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