Essential Moving & Storage Tips for the Kitchen

Moving to a new home is an exciting time — if you don’t count the packing. Though every room has its own unique set of challenges, packing the kitchen is one of the most challenging. With so many appliances, dishes, pots, furniture, and food items to sort through, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and not know what to do with it all. Below, the Honolulu, HI, moving and storage professionals at Westpac International share some essential kitchen packing tips to help expedite the process.

7 Kitchen Moving & Storage Tips

Sort & Select
Moving is an opportune time to sort through old items you no longer use. Work your way through each drawer and cupboard, placing items in two designated piles — “keep” and “leave”. As a general rule, items that have not been used for over six months are often better left behind. Donate your “leave” pile to food banks, shelters, and friends, or consider having a yard sale to drum up some extra cash.

Just the Essentials
Set aside items you’ll need in the days surrounding the move. This will include appliances (like the microwave or coffee maker), dishes, utensils, food items, soap, and dish detergent. Keep these items separate from the other “keep” pile to ensure continued accessibility.

Moving Supplies

Women packing some household things in moving boxes

Boxes and moving supplies can be purchased from your local moving company. Make sure to grab a full assortment of large, medium, and heavy-duty boxes, as well as unprinted news wrap, packing tape, marker labels, and bubble wrap.

When packing the kitchen, it’s always a good idea to work backward, beginning with items you don’t typically use. This includes wine glasses, vases, cookie sheets, cookbooks, extra dish towels, and special utensils.

It’s important to prep your appliances before packing. Empty and clean the refrigerator and place perishable items into a cooler for safe keeping. Tape the doors shut and wrap the exterior with blankets or sheets to avoid damage during the move. Apply the same methods to microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, and ovens.

When boxing multiple items, place heavier items at the bottom for added stability. Breakable items such as wine glasses and dishes should be placed at the top of boxes to avoid being crushed. Pack pots and pans together with their lids to expedite unpacking and fill any empty space with news wrap.

Regardless of whether items are to be placed in storage, donated, or moved into your new home, labeling your boxes is essential. Describe the contents of each box using a dark colored marker or label maker, and make sure to mark those containing fragile items. This will make it easy to organize your boxes while helping to ensure extra care is taken with breakable items.

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