Get Your Kids Ready to Move With These Helpful Tips

For children, moving to a new home can often be difficult and emotionally painful, especially if they are moving to another state or country far away from their original house. While the process will always be hard, here are a few tips from WestPac International on how to help your family adjust to the move:

Help them remember their old home before moving into the new one: Before the movers come and you start to pack up, take a tour with your kids around the house. Remind them of the memories you have in different rooms and take pictures so that they won’t forget what everything looked like. When you begin packing, help them put toys and other items of sentimental value in a special box separate from the others that they can keep close during the move. Tell them that they will get to make new memories with these items while also getting to keep the old ones.

Get them excited about the move by researching your new community together: While local moves may only be a matter of changing residences, moving nationally or internationally can be daunting and scary for children. To soothe their fears, go online with them to find fun and exciting activities to do and places to visit within your new town or city. This way they can have something to look forward to after the trip and won’t be so anxious.

After arriving, let them set up their own area: Leave the furniture and other heavy things to the commercial moving company, but let your child bring in small things like bedding, books, toys, and clothes. Letting them arrange their bedrooms and play areas can provide a sense of comfort and control while also acquainting them to the layout of their new home.

Whether you’re moving only a few miles away or a thousand, WestPac International can help you with all your moving and storage needs. If you have any questions or would like a quote for moving services, call (808) 845-9711 or go visit them online.

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