Local Moving Tips You Need to Know Before Your Summer Move

From the costs and efforts involved to the emotional drain of getting used to a new place, moving is consistently ranked as one of life’s most stressful events. Luckily, moving services companies like WestPac International in Honolulu, Hawaii ease the burden by providing expert assistance. They offer moving supplies, moving and storage services, help with local moves, and more.

Since summer is the busy season for moving, WestPac International wants to share some tips they’ve learned in their 25-plus years of service on moving safely and efficiently:

Know your mover. WestPac International encourages customers to read the Protect Your Move guidelines from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The company has earned the trust of clients like Duty Free Shoppers, Xerox Corporation, and Spirent Communications as one of the go-to commercial moving companies.

Check with the Better Business Bureau. Moving fraud is detrimental to an already tough chore. Check with the Better Business Bureau to find a mover with a pristine reputation. WestPac International has an A+ rating.

Be present on moving day. While it might be tempting to escape during the hustle and bustle of moving day, you should stick around in case the movers have any questions.

Insure your belongings. The expert movers at WestPac International will help keep your valuables safe and protected during a big move. Obtaining insurance will help you repair or replace important items in the event that damage does occur.

Take an inventory. Document all of your belongings and the contents of every single box. This will help you locate all items when you arrive at your new residence or commercial property.

WestPac International aims to make every move smooth and successful. To learn more about this residential moving company and get a free estimate, call (808) 845-9711 or visit the website.

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