Moving Abroad? Learning the Basics

Moving abroad is quite an adventure. While new experiences are part of the fun of any international move, no one wants surprises when it comes to shifting their household. Luckily, Hawaii moving company WestPac International understands the stress and confusion an overseas move can present. After over 25 years of providing outstanding moving services to families and business throughout the islands and beyond, this respected international moving company has learned that specialized, attentive support is key to a smooth overseas move.

The first step to planning your international move is knowing what exactly goes into transporting a household or business overseas. Before you beginning planning this segue into your next chapter, get an idea of what it entails with these insights from WestPac International.

Choosing A Mover

International moving companies do more than transport goods. They orchestrate your entire move, including customs, bureaucracy, packing, shipping, and pick up. Because they’ll be your support system every step of the way, you’ll want to select your moving service carefully. Look for an established, experienced “door-to-door” shipping company offering comprehensive service from your current residence to your new front door.

Deciding What to Pack

There’s a lot to consider when deciding what to bring to your new home. Spend some time thinking about how long you’ll be gone, the size of your new space, and the climate in your new home. Consider what items you’ll want with you to ease your transition, helping you feel comfortable and at ease in your new home. Set aside items of sentimental meaning, financial value, or legal importance to be carried with you rather than transported by a shipping company. Then, consult your moving company and local consulate about what items might not be allowed across the border by customs.

Air or Sea?

Unless you’re moving to a neighboring country, you have two choices for shipping goods internationally — air or sea. Sea takes more time, but is substantially less expensive. You may decide to choose a combination of the two, electing to ship most of your household by boat while flying over items you’ll need more quickly. Since both options require special packing, your international moving company will do the packing for you, wrapping up goods and placing them in special shipping containers for transport.

Picking Up Your Goods

When your goods arrive, they’ll need to pass through customs before coming to you. Your moving company should handle the details of this process, though some countries will require you to be present to sign off on your goods.

Beginning an international move can be intimidating. Find the support you need to feel secure every step of the way with comprehensive moving services from WestPac International. Visit their website to learn more about how this trusted international moving company can serve you, or call (808) 845-9711 to get a quote for your move. You can also connect with the movers on Facebook and Twitter.

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