Moving Tips for National Moving Month From Honolulu’s Top Moving Service

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can also be stressful. From packing to traveling, there are many things that can go wrong. Fortunately, the professionals at WestPac International are here to help. To celebrate National Moving Month, the Hawaii moving service is providing a few tips to make your move go smoothly.

5 Moving Tips for National Moving Month

1. Start Packing Early
One of the best ways to make your move go more smoothly is to buy your moving supplies early and start packing about a month before the big day. Start with areas of the home you don’t use frequently, like dens and libraries. You should also pack out-of-season items like clothing and footwear. By making the effort to start your packing sooner rather than later, you’ll prevent any last minute packing rush that plagues many movers.

2. Make a Checklist
Another useful tip is to make a checklist. Create an outline of all the rooms and items you need to pack in the most convenient order to pack them. You should also create a list of the items you can’t pack until the last minute. Following this process will prevent your family from forgetting important possessions.

3. Declutter as You Pack
Woman Studio Portriat Casual Carrying a Box IsolatedA move is a perfect opportunity to declutter your home. As you make your way through each room, start pulling out items you don’t use or wear on a regular basis. When you’ve made it through every room, donate what you can and get rid of the rest.

4. Categorize
Make your unpacking much easier and efficient by packing in categories. You can categorize the boxes based on which room they’ll go in in your new home. This way, you won’t have to run all over the house for every box you open.

5. Detailed Labels
One of the most helpful moving tips in terms of unpacking is to label everything in detail. Moves can be exhausting, so you’ll probably not want to unpack the same day you arrive at your new home. Labeling will allow you to find the things you need as you need them.

Make your move as easy as possible by following the steps above and calling WestPac International for all the heavy lifting. From international to local moves, the Honolulu-based moving service will take care of your moving and storage needs. Contact the company by calling (808) 845-9711, and take a closer look at their moving services on their website. You can also connect with their team on Facebook.

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