The Value of Container Hauling

Planning long-distance moves, whether international or from the mainland to Hawaii, is a challenge because of the large bodies of water involved. Based in Hawaii, WestPac International has worked with thousands of intercontinental moves, which has helped them identify the best ways to make a long-distance relocation as stress-free as possible. Below, the moving company explains how turning to a container hauling service simplifies the process and result in a successful move.

Leading Moving Company Explains the Value of Container Hauling for Your Long-Distance Move

With local moves, a standard moving truck is sufficient to transport your belongings. Obviously, the method doesn’t work for overseas movement. For such instances, a metal freight container can be utilized to move your possessions efficiently and without astronomical costs. You can then fly to your destination while your shipment is transported first by land and then by water.

truck transport container to warehouse near the seaThe process is fairly simple. You will arrange a container to be delivered to your current residence and pack it as you would with a local move. After you’re finished, the trucking service will load the freight and drive it to the specified location, usually a dock or a freight train. Next, the container is transferred to a large cargo vessel before arriving at the destination dock to be reloaded on another truck and delivered to your new home.

Container hauling is the primary choice for international moves because it’s the most cost-effective and convenient moving service available. By working with a qualified shipping company, you can ensure your belongings are not only protected but also arrive on time and without any hiccups.

If you’re planning a move that requires over-water relocation, WestPac International’s container hauling services will help you achieve a smooth transition. The Oahu moving company has built a reputation over the last 25 years for their exceptional level of service and dedication to their clients’ needs. From packing and loading to transporting containers, you can expect competitive rates and a friendly face every step of the way. Learn more about their local and international moving services online, or request a quote for your container transportation by calling (808) 845-9711.

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