Tips for a Great Holiday Moving Experience

The holidays are no doubt a stressful time. There are gifts to buy, parties to attend, and family to contact. The holidays can be made even more stressful if you’re also planning a big life change, such as a move. Moving during the holidays presents some interesting issues that you may not have considered. To make sure everything goes smoothly, WestPac International, your international moving company in Honolulu, Hawaii, has tips and tricks to get you through the busy season without all the stress.

Plan Ahead: The holidays are an incredibly busy time for shipping and delivery. If you want to make sure that all of your items arrive when you need them, you need to plan extra time. Give yourself an extra week or more to make sure that your items arrive exactly when you want.

Expect the Unexpected: Traveling over the holidays isn’t easy. You’re one of hundreds of thousands trying to make it somewhere, so delays are inevitable. Prepare yourself for things to go wrong and make a plan of attack so you can still get where you need to be. Make sure you have the moving and storage company Westpac International on speed dial so if things go wrong, you can give them a call.

Watch the Calendar: When you get caught up in your move, it can be easy to forget the calendar. Don’t plan important to-dos on Christmas or New Year’s Day—most places will be closed. Also, avoid traveling during the peak days right around the holiday so you’re not caught up with all the travelers heading home.

Your holiday move doesn’t have to be a nightmare. WestPac International has seen and done it all, so they’re more than happy to provide you and your family with the moving and storage services you need to make it to your new home. And if you need last-minute moving supplies, they’ve got you covered. Call (808) 845-9711 today and visit them online.

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