Tips for an Easier Last-Minute Move

In a perfect world, you’d always have plenty of time to prepare for a relocation. However, unexpected job opportunities, problems with your lease, and a variety of other situations can require moving on short notice, a process that is far from stress-free. Below are a few tips for making the entire process easier, from getting your belongings in order to hiring a professional moving company.

4 Short-Notice Moving Tips

1. Begin Pre-Packing
Moving boxes on the floor in empty roomEven if you haven’t finalized a move-in date at your new residence, begin packing away seldom-used items like spare linens and out-of-season clothing. Start with keepsakes, photo albums, and other fragile items so you don’t have to pack them in a rush later.

2. Hire a Moving Company
No matter where you live, summer is the high season for moving, so getting a company on short notice during these months can often be difficult. As soon as you have a firm moving date, call your moving company of choice and make a reservation.

3. Set Realistic Deadlines
Setting a schedule early on and sticking with it will help you avoid scrambling at the last minute to take care of things you forgot. Take a look at the calendar and set firm deadlines for when each project should be finished. Breaking the move down into a series of smaller tasks will make the entire process easier.

4. Label Your Boxes
The rush of a last-minute move can create chaos when the dust settles in your new home. To make your move-in as easy as possible, color code the boxes or develop a labeling system that will quickly reveal where any given box goes.

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