Tips for Getting Rid of Post-Move Boxes

So, you spent all that time collecting boxes to get ready for your big move, but now that you’ve finally packed, they’re taking up more space than your actual furniture. Don’t worry, the local movers at WestPac International have some creative solutions to get rid of those pesky boxes.

Here are five great tips for getting rid of all your post-move boxes.

Sell Them: One way to get rid of all those cardboard boxes is to sell them online. There are plenty of people looking for moving supplies at any given time. You’ll not only get them out of your hair, but you’ll also earn a pretty penny doing it.

Recycle: Recycling all that cardboard is not only a great way to get rid of it, but it’s also good for the environment. Most cities have their own recycling programs so it shouldn’t be too much hassle to get them taken care of. Some programs even pay you for them.

Charity: There are always plenty of organizations that need boxes. Local libraries may need some moving supplies for books, and community centers tend to use them to package meal baskets. You could also log in to your social media account to see if people doing local moves need any boxes.

Storage: You were already using your boxes to store your belongings, so why not reuse them for the same purpose? They make great space savers if you have some items you need to put in the attic or tuck away in a closet. Depending on what type of boxes you have, they also work great for storing things, like art supplies, receipts, and documents.

Get Creative: If you want to embrace your inner-child or just have some fun with the left over boxes you can always construct a giant box fortress. Your children will love you for it and it will keep them busy while you put the finishing touches on your move.

Need a moving service or know someone who does? WestPac International is a moving company based out of Oahu. Give them a call at (808) 845-9711, or visit them online for more information.

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