Tips For Preparing Your Home For Long Distance or Local Moves

Getting your home ready for a move can be stressful, especially when you’re moving long distances. WestPac International has been taking the guesswork out of international, inter-island, and local moves for over 25 years. This locally-owned, Hawaii-based business has the experience, moving supplies, and range of moving services to make sure your belongings arrive wherever you’re going, near or far. Here are some expert tips to get your household ready for a move:

Transfer Your Information Early: Know all the utilities you’re responsible for, and let the companies know in advance that you’ll be relocating. You can also fill out a change of address form ahead of time so that when you arrive at your new home, everything will be in order and ready for you. You can do most of these transfers online, which is easy and convenient.

Take Measurements: While everything fits in your current home, it may not fit in your new home. It can be easy to eyeball furniture and assume things will fit in a room or through a doorway, but it will save you time to measure your new house ahead of time. Make arrangements to take measurements of walls, ceilings, and doorways so you know where to place furniture and can plan if you’re going to paint or put up wallpaper.

Sort Your Stuff: Many people think that it’s easy to pack up a room at a time, but that can mean mixing electronics with pillows and home accessories. It can make more sense to sort your belongings by type, regardless of room, so that you can keep track of everything and reorganize in a way that makes sense when you start unpacking.

Reliable international and long distance moving companies are hard to come by, which is why WestPac International is so dedicated to your satisfaction. They understand the difficulty of moving to, from, or between the islands, and they know how to make it go as smoothly as possible. To learn more or get a quote for their services, visit WestPac International online, or call (808) 845-9711.

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