Tips for Surviving Your Long Distance or Local Move

Whether you’re relocating to an area that’s near or far away, you need to start getting ready for your upcoming move. But what exactly do you need to do to prepare? Located in Honolulu, WestPac International—an inter-island, local, national and international moving company for residential and commercial customers—has some key tips on how to get ready for your major move:

Remove unnecessary clutter. Get rid of anything that you haven’t used or rarely use—that way, you won’t end up transporting extra weight and you won’t fill up your new home with needless clutter. Hold a garage sale or donate items that are still in good condition, and throw out anything that’s damaged, broken, or unusable.

Change your address. Make a list of people, businesses, and subscriptions that should be aware of your new address. This also includes banks, insurance companies, doctors, and any company that sends bills to you.

Alert your utilities companies. Inform your electric, water, telephone, and cable providers about your move. If you will be using the same companies at your new location, let them know of your new address. If you will be changing providers, make sure to tell your current companies the last date you will need their services, and your new ones the day you will start.

Schedule your moving company. This should be done as soon as your move date has been confirmed. You want to make sure the company you want will be available when you need them.

Pack properly. Your boxes should be clearly labeled so you can easily locate what you need once you reach your destination. Anything that is hazardous to transport—such as paint thinner, lighter fluid, or pesticides—should be left behind with a neighbor, or have proper transport arrangements. Valuables like large amounts of cash, jewelry, or important documents should be kept with you, or sent to your new location by shipping companies with a tracking system.

A big move can be a hassle, but using the right moving services will make the entire experience less stressful. Call (808) 845-9711 to speak to a WestPac International moving professional, or visit them online for a complete list of services related to long distance and local moves.

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