Why Moving With Kids Is Easiest During the Summer

Moving out of your home is a long, exhausting process that is only exacerbated by wrangling kids along the way. Luckily, the summer months provide an easier time for parents to get the packing and moving done with children in tow. Honolulu’s premier moving company, WestPac International, has helped families with summer moving for more than 25 years, providing moving supplies and the expertise needed to carry out both long-distance and local moves.

Below are three reasons why summer is the best time for families with young children to move, as approved by the region’s premier moving company:

  • No School Scheduling Conflicts: During the school year, it can be tricky for parents to find the time they need to pack up the old house with scheduling conflicts at school. Drop-off and pick-up carpools get in the way of the heavy lifting, and kids often require help with projects and reports that take their parent’s focus away from moving. Summertime allows parents the freedom to pack and get organized while the kids are otherwise entertained.
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  • Optimally Dry Weather: During the rainy season, kids are infamous for tracking mud indoors. While this is an inconvenience in everyday conditions, it can be an even bigger hindrance during a move. Parents who have to take the time to clean mud and muck off of the floor before they move out or while they move in will find themselves behind schedule. Instead, summer’s dry weather makes it easy to keep kids clean and keep dirt outside where it belongs.
  • Easier Transition: Moving can be hard on kids, especially if they’re leaving behind friends or schoolmates they were fond of. By working with a moving company during the summer, parents can ease the transition by giving them more time to adjust to the new house before they have to get back into a tight schedule and routine. By moving while they are out of school, the chances of their old friends coming to visit are higher, and they’ll have a chance to explore the neighborhood and make new friends before heading back to class.

If you’re a Hawaii, resident planning a move, consider working with the team at WestPac International. Providing a wide range of moving services for 25 years, this team of qualified experts is ready to take on any job, big or small, to help your family make a smooth transition. For more information, visit them online or give them a call at (808) 845-9711.

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